Tom Stewart // Vocals / Guitar

Matt Downes // Guitar

Rich Stewart // Bass

Michael Copp // Drums

Church Party are a four-piece Manchester band who make a distinctive concoction of spacey but heavy pop music. They formed through a shared ex-girlfriend and a shared bloodline, with a common goal of making music that has no boundaries or restrictions, whilst maintaining a heavy emphasis on melody.


The band is compiled of two brothers; vocalist/guitarist Tom Stewart and bassist Rich Stewart, as well as guitarist/producer Matt Downes, and drummer Michael Copp.


Church Party started writing together in early 2014, amidst the damp walls of a Fallowfield student house, known as ‘The Furness’, where a collective of other Manchester bands were formed. Since then, their sound and pedal boards have expanded hand in hand, with a combination of fuzz and reverb utilised to create the biggest “Wall of Sound” possible.


Tom Stewart’s lyrics amalgamate the melancholy of breakups and hopeless pursuits, with a tongue in cheek humour that tells tales of drugs and love, with his Nick Cave-esque baritone guiding you through the streets of Manchester and Barcelona. Their songs are lullabies for the unhinged, or accompaniments for the decedent, that creates a collage of moods with melodic variations. Church Party’s sound is as much inspired by Nirvana and Black Sabbath, as it is by Beach House or My Bloody Valentine.


Their debut EP, Thrillhouse, was molded in the shadows of Strangeways prison, at HQ Studio in Manchester, over 6 months of recording and re-recording songs. It’s not a minimalist or shy EP; it’s an expansive and ambitious mesh of sounds and changes, created by four best friends who love playing and writing music together.


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